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2010 *Hamas, elected the governing authority of the Gaza Strip in 2007, remains in power, the Palestinian Authority refusing to hold (and lose) elections. Gaza now an open-air prison, cut off with only Israel allowing legal contact with the outside world. Gazans produce arms from smuggled supplies and build homemade rockets.

*BDS campaign targeting Israel picks up steam as Israel panics, raiding and seizing six ships of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in international waters in the Mediterranean Sea, killing 9 Turkish activists. Turkey breaks relations with Israel.

*A malicious computer worm, courtesy of US-Israel, damages Iran's nuclear program.

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After a clumsy, cruel bombing of reported weapons depots of pro-Iranian militias on Sunday, December 29, the next day, Iraqis stormed the US embassy in the Green Zone, forcing diplomats to flee.

Pictures of frightened US soldiers, bristling with their rifles, went viral, as the US tries to reinforce its embassy, the largest US embassy in the world,

The US blames the Iraq police and army for not preventing the demonstrators from entering the Green Zone, as if it is US territory. The image of survivors of the bombings bearing coffins of some of the 25 martyrs with them shows a different story. US actions only unite the Iraqis in opposition to them.

Wait. have I got this right? The US, without so much as a howdy-do to Iraqi authorities, bomb and kill 25 Iraqis in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, the birthplace of western civilization, and then whine when Iraqis assert their national pride by the only weapon they have -- some bricks and their lives?

Mohamed Morsi (1951–2019) was the fifth President of Egypt (30 June 2012 to 3 July 2013), deposed by General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in a coup d'état July 3, 2013. In his last words, Morsi accused the government of "assassinating" him through years of poor prison conditions. 

Morsi is survived by his wife Naglaa Ali Mahmoud (not "First Lady" but rather "First Servant of the Egyptian people"). Morsi had five children, two are US citizens born in California. His body was quickly buried without an inquest. His wish that he be buried in his hometown Adwa was denied. 

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