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Interview with Eric Walberg and Rodney Shakespeare, author of Binary Economics: the new paradigm (1999)

1) What is the major problem of the French yellow vests that has pushed them into the streets?

This protest started not in Paris, but among motorists across the country, especially farmers, whose livelihood is on the line, with no easy option to reduce fuel consumption to produce and transport food to the hungry, newly ecologically conscious city folk. “Our organizations support the demands of tax and social justice brought by the movement of yellow vests. They call for demonstrations Saturday, December 15, for social justice and tax, for a real democracy, for equal rights, for a true ecological transition.”

2) How can social justice be assessed in France? Is everyone treated the same in this country?

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Canadian Eric Walberg is known worldwide as a journalist specializing in the Middle East, Central Asia and Russia. A graduate of University of Toronto and Cambridge in economics, he has been writing on East-West relations since the 1980s.

He has lived in both the Soviet Union and Russia, and then Uzbekistan, as a UN adviser, writer, translator and lecturer. Presently a writer for the foremost Cairo newspaper, Al Ahram, he is also a regular contributor to Counterpunch, Dissident Voice, Global Research, Al-Jazeerah and Turkish Weekly, and is a commentator on Voice of the Cape radio.

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