There are two full-blown wars going on now. Both started much earlier but both broke out into hot wars recently. The Russia-Ukraine war in 2022, the Palestine-Israel war in 2023. The first, as a result of US-EU provocations in Ukraine, intent on pushing Russia to defend Russian Ukrainians in eastern Ukraine, who had suffered 8 years of bombing of civilians, as a result of which millions of Ukrainians fled to Russia as refugees, and 14,000 civilians were killed by Ukraine, funded and trained by US-EU.

The second broke out as a result of US-Israel's Abraham Accords,

which added Arab countries UAE, Bahrein, and Morocco to Egypt and Jordan as recognizing Israel. This was done without any consideration for Palestine, which though it has been illegally occupied for 75 years, is recognized as a state by the vast majority of countries (139). Saudi Arabia was flirting with joining these traitors to Palestine, pushing Gazans to rise in protest, unleashing a genocide against them by Israel.

Much like the provocations against Russia in its attempts to save Russian Ukrainians from destruction, the provocations against Palestinians make clear the intent is to destroy any chance to save Palestinians from destruction. US-Israel-EU politicians and media control the narrative of both, portraying Russia and Palestine as evil and Ukraine and Israel as good, urging more killing and destruction.

Similarities, differences, synergy

Both of these strategies of provocation by imperialists are openly fascist, using terrorism against civilians and propaganda based on lies. Both were/ are existential to Russia and Palestine. If the warmongers US-Israel-EU are allowed to prevail, both Russia and Palestine will cease to exist. US-Israel-EU realize this and are united in their support for Ukraine and Israel in the two wars. They arm both international pariahs, assisting in open terrorist attacks, the latest in Russia, a drone attack in Tatarstan, 500 miles east of Moscow in the very heart of Russia, the latest in Palestine, the daily torture and murder of hundreds of Palestinians, mostly women and children.

The major difference at this point is that at least Palestine has broad international support in its struggle against Israeli fascism, this despite Jewish control of western media and political elites. Sadly, enduring Russophobia in the West means that the western public has largely been convinced by their elites' propaganda that Russia is the bad guy, attacking poor defenseless Ukraine, despite the falseness of this view. So the fates of these two wars seem to be separate. But this is also a misreading of reality.

The war in Ukraine has not gone as planned for US-EU. They are weak militarily and while giving huge supplies of arms to Ukraine, Ukraine has lost in the battlefield, and has only terrorist attacks left as strategy. Meanwhile, Russia has survived the sanctions and isolation from the West, and along with other countries of good will, has established an alternative world order -- so far, BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. At the same time, the European economy has been undermined by the blowback from its mad attempt to destroy Russia. Slowly, Europeans are beginning to wake up to the fact that they have been betrayed by their leaders, and to call for an end to the war against Russia.

The war in Israel is also not going as desired by US-Israel. The October 7 events, when Palestinians briefly escaped their open-air prison of Gaza, and dealt a body-blow to Israel, has left Israel apoplectic with rage, inducing its leaders and people to call openly for genocide, to destroy Palestinians and put paid to any idea of a Palestinian state. This openly fascistic society is now exposed definitively to the world for what it is, and slowly, Europeans and Americans are realizing they have been duped in this war too.

This synchronizing of the two wars is creating a synergy, mutually reinforcing each other, driven by the same imperial logic. The battle is now for the hearts and minds of western public opinion, which is the only hope to turn the western elites from their suicidal and homicidal paths. Both wars are undermining international law, grossly misusing sanctions, abetting terrorism, fascism.

For Russia, that meant the US blowing up North Stream pipeline (the worst environmental terrorist act in history), assassinations, now strikes deep inside Russia with Ukraine's mass-produced drones. For Israel, its open use of phosphorus bombs, targeting of civilians, mass starvation.

Cancer spreading

There is another lower-key war, Serbia-Kosovo, which is following the same pattern of attempting to destroy a country, Serbia, through bombing, then duplicitous promises, blackmail, sanctions and terror by Kosovar separatists supported by US-EU. US-EU were able to openly bomb Serbia in 1999 to force Serbia to relinquish its southern province to the separatists. Serbia survived this violation of international law, agreeing to leave Kosovo's status open, though it has suffered constant pressure by the EU to force it to relinquish its territory to terrorists, abandoning Serbians living there. Serbia is treated as a pariah, much as are Russia and Palestine, where the real terrorists are US-Kosovo, US-Ukraine and US-Israel.

The goal of destroying Russia, dividing it up and stealing its resources, is a pipe dream, which is leading to the destruction of US-EU rather than Russia. The goal of destroying Palestine is also a pipe dream, which is leading to the destruction of US-Israel. Serbia is in an equally perilous situation. Given its isolation from its only real support, Russia, it could become the latest failed state, next door to the EU's bastard state Kosovo, also a failed state, though it is kept alive by US-EU.

Many fronts

The collapse of US-Israel won't happen overnight, leaving the world in a perilous state of fear and anger. None of these conflicts can be resolved in the present world order, dominated by US-Israel-EU. Only through a multipolar world, where countries' rights are respected by all, can there be any justice for Russia, Palestine and Serbia. Given the lock-step march of US-Israel-EU, their flirting now with nuclear war, that means mobilizing the world's citizens to unite to fight the scourge.

Russia has the problem of its own powerful Jewish lobby and the million Russian Israelis. But Israel is losing its magic and hostility to Putin is palpable. Israel would have no problem with the destruction of Russia. The Jews who missed Russia have returned by now. The ones that stayed include lots of enthusiastic thugs (sorry, settlers), thousands of whom are taking part in the genocide, either as soldiers or as gawkers. Nine have been officially killed so far while murdering Palestinians. Diaspora Jews will be able to easily adjust to any new borders/ nation states, including a carved-up Russia (or a collapsed Israel), and will maintain their position among any new elites.

For a decade now, worried about its Jewish lobby at home and in Israel, Russia has tolerated Israel's open bombing of Iranian and other resistance forces in Syria and Lebanon. It even suffered the loss of a plane due to Israeli attacks over Damascus but refrained from avenging this. But Israel's bombing of the Iranian embassy in Damascus, killing several generals, may at last tip Russia into abandoning support of Israel.

Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service chief Sergey Naryshkin, described Monday’s airstrike on the Iranian Consulate in the Syrian capital as a terrorist attack, 'an ugly and criminal step in relation to the sovereign state of Iran, and in relation to the sovereign state of Syria, on whose territory this terrorist act was committed.'

Only if Russia and Iran work together without provoking US-Israel-EU, and bring the Arab countries into coordinated support for both Russia and Palestine, can there be a new order in the Middle East, in the world, one free of US-Israel-EU tyranny.
















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