Reading The great big book of horrible things (2012), I came to the American civil war. Bloody, but well down the list at 65. It was in the works for at least a decade and finally caught fire. Brother fighting brother over a defense of the equality of all vs white nationalism. Messy and cruel, in the end a war of attrition, with the industrial engine flattening the enemy.  

The Union under Lincoln was initially spurned by Britain and France. Schadenfreude for the British and Napoleonic fantasies for the French. The British aristocracy was pro-south but the empire’s merchant rulers wisely didn’t take sides openly. As the north appeared likely to win, the south was abandoned. Literally, as it never really recovered, even today, still mired in its past.

A cold peace was enforced by the north, ensuring blacks would have the same rights as whites.

So Ukraine, like the US south, a rogue state from the centuries-old ‘union’ (Imperial Russia-Soviet Union) past, now a breakaway, obscenely corrupt, with a big neonazi problem, treating its Russian speakers as second class citizensor traitors, threatening Russia with a hostile alliance. And the neonazis are at the centre of its military! Russian Ukrainians, increasingly without rights, in desperation broke away and have been tormented ever since. 

Imagine if Britain and France had jumped on the American south’s civil war bandwagon from the start, boycotted the north, swamped the battle fields with arms for Americans to kill each other. That probably would have defeated the north and the US would be a few, weak Canadas. That's what the 'collective west' is trying to do to Russia.

Today, Russia is fighting the ‘bad guys’, fascism, singlehanded. Britain and France, really with the US, the imperialists, are taking the side of the fascists, aka white supremacists, whether it be in the 19th or 21st century. 

So how will this replay pan out? 

The pro-Ukraines are really just the latest endplay in bush I’s new world order. Get the Russians’ cousins next door, half of whom are Russian anyway, to act as the Trojan horse for Russia’s colour revolution, opening Eurasia to EU aka NATO aka US empire. It’s the stuff of Marvel comics and video games. 

The second forum of the Free Peoples of Russia in Prague in July 2022

This ’collective west’ is really just the same old imperial powers, with fantasies of empire. The EU-US. They’re arming their Trojan horse to the teeth right now. Yes, they. Except for Hungary, the EU has turned out to be a bulletproof straitjacket, enforcing imperial edicts, with a compliant jingoistic media in tow. 

The strongest pro-Ukraines economically, Germany and Japan, were trounced in the last big imperial grabfest, losing their colonies. And whaddayaknow? Within two decades, they were richer than the US, ending up the winners. That is, if ‘winner’ means providing a good living standard for the nation’s citizens. And, big plus, without the arms industries sapping society and constantly whipping up more wars. 

Neither are providing much in the way of arms to Ukraine (Japan none), but they are in lock step with NATO command.

The best case scenario would surely be a cold peace enforced by Russia, ensuring Russian Ukrainians have equal rights. Ukraine will ‘never’ accept any new status quo. Another north-south Korea. That, or sayonara. Russia ain’t going nowhere.

But never say never. Ukraine will be abandoned, like the American south, to remain a backwater, full of bitterness and resentment, for generations. It will probably sink the EU. Already Ukraine fatigue is setting in. The only country with any real interest, love for Ukraine is, sorry, Russia. 'Novaya Rossiya' (eastern Ukraine) will soon be humming along. Maybe wiser heads will prevail in Kiev and the two warring brothers will reconcile.

The ‘collective west’ will just have to come to an acceptance of a status quo that includes Russia, not that despises or ignores it, as has been the case since 1991. And when will the US realize that, after the initial rape and pillage fireworks, colonies in the long run are money losers! So 16th century. Except for loss of prestige, Britain was well rid of its pesky New England colonies.

The US is finding that out now. Maintaining a huge military force for its new world order empire, aimed at destroying Russia, is getting more costly every day, tanking the 'collective west', even as environmental armageddon looms.


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