In commemoration of Imam Khomeini's death

1) The king of Saudi has recently called Iran a source of terrorism. Is there anything you want to remind king Salman that shows him who is the real responsible of terrorism?

From promoting Osama bin Laden, to 9/11 itself, and on to Syria and Yemen, the evidence of Saudi support for terrorism -- willful killing of innocent civilians -- is clear as day. Combine this with Saudi condoning of US state terrorism, and there is no question who is the real terrorist.

2) What has been the greatest achievement of Imam Khomeini and the Islamic republic to the community of Islam at large?

There are many achievements since the 1979 Islamic revolution. As I reflect on the recent elections in Iran, to me, the most outstanding achievement is the creation of a stable, Islamic political system, with a moral guide at the top, the Supreme Leader. This puts morality and spirituality at the helm, but not interfering in the complexities of modern economic affairs, which require a hands-on government of technocrats. This is the Islamic equivalent of the US 'checks and balances', an important element in any stable political system. In Iran's version, this prevents the rise of a political leadership which violates Islamic norms.

It is heartening to see that Iran can maintain a truly Islamic outlook, despite the intense efforts by the US and Israel to subvert it. Iran provides the only real beacon of light in the world today, one which is not extinguished in the face of hostility by the most powerful forces in the world. This resolute and wise policy has kept the Palestinian efforts to achieve independence alive where other countries, including Muslims ones, are too timid to speak out strongly and provide real support to the Palestinians, and challenge Israel.

The turmoil in Iran in 2009, the so-called Green Revolution, was resisted, and we can see the need for reforms is being addressed soberly under the current leadership. The wisdom of gradual reform, like in China, confirms that rejection of chaos and irresoluteness by a nation's leaders is the correct path for change. The alternative, as happened in the Soviet Union, and as the West is trying to bring to Syria today, means collapse and invasion by  the US and world economic elite, leading to gansterism and extremism.

The current coalition between moderate conservatives and reformists in Iran endures. Whereas Syria still faces disintegration, there is no worry that Iran will face the same fate. That is why Iran is resolute in its support of the Syrian government. The Ayatollah left this precious legacy and his path continues to inspire all who fight the scourge of imperialism.

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