Cosmopolitan -- 'world politics', 'world citizen' -- people of many races under a world empire. The word became a meme in the 1890s as British empire blossomed, supposedly the world now united around principles of the free market. Sounds cool. The market is the proven way to run economies. It is neutral, no favorites, harsh but just, making us work hard, the state ensuring people don't cheat and undermine the sacred system. For if belief in all this wavers, the loss of faith in the market would spell doom for all, equally. We are equal before the law, and we can vote. That's what democracy and freedom are all about, right?

But is the apparent real?

Statistics suggest there's much more to all this. Income distribution has never been more skewed, clearly the result of four decades of neoliberalism. We've never been closer to world war. (except in 1914 and 1939). Weren't countries merrily trading in 'free markets' supposed to be peaceful? Reason and logic fail us.

Myers' Cosmopolitan Empire is a collection of essays which can be read independently, packed with quotes, reflecting on past conspiracies, critiquing the neoliberal plot for world hegemony today, its origins and its relation to Jewish, Freemason, Nazi, Bolshevik, capitalist ones. The main actors -- Trotsky vs Stalin, H G Wells and Orwell, the pandemic, and the return of fascism/ Nazism as the conspirators push for their TINA moment in the Great Reset, culminating in the war in Ukraine.

The star is H G Wells, who proposed a World State which he also called 'Cosmopolis'. His 'Open Conspiracy', the world movement for the supercession or enlargement or fusion of existing political, economic, and social institutions ... a movement aiming at the establishment of a world directorate" (Wells, Open Conspiracy (1933), pp. 32-3.)

There are two main themes. The first centres around the role of Jews in the Russian revolution, how Stalin 'stole' 'their' evolution (Myers calls it 'one of the great Denials of our time'*), and how that resulted in Israel and feminism-gay liberation as the new, post-Marx 'revolution'. He shows that 'the new Cold War is between the atheistic, LGBT, 'Trotskyoid', 'Cosmopolitan' West, on the one hand, and a coalition of Christian Russia and Confucian China, both a hybrid socialist-capitalist authoritarian on the other.

Myers' other main theme is linking all suspicious recent events -- assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK, 9/11 + the anthrax letters, MH370, the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset -- to deep state elite plans. The WEF 'penetrates the cabinets', 'but for an unelected body to do so is undemocratic and subversive. It implies Oligarchic rule—for the greater good, of course, because most people are Deplorables. The Globalists are attempting to implement the World State advocated by H G Wells.'

Myers draws from dozens of sources, many of which he unearthed himself and with the help of his strategically located readers, from the New York Public Library to the grave site of Stalin's mother in Georgia. Part of the fun in reading this very readable work is following his sleuthing. 

His appendices including the smoking gun revelations of Morrow and Hunt on JFK are welcome reminders of how truly bizarre US politics is. They make the case of assassination as the CIA modus operandi for JFK, MLK, and RFK. Truman's 1963 Oped to the Washington Post calling for the CIA to be brought under control disappeared the moment it appeared. (Eisenhower made sure his message got out and stayed out by springing it on a nationally broadcast farewell speech in 1960.) RFK was killed for calling for an independent investigation of his brother's death. Which brings us to the ultimate cloak and dagger, the blowing up of North stream. The CIA is alive and well and still out of control.

Promised lands

Myers, like Solzhenitsyn, is not afraid to analyze the role of Russian Jews in the Russian revolution from start to finish, with a short bumpy patch under Stalin. The details are fascinating. It's finally time to access Soviet history through different lenses, and Myers is a good source for this. One tidbit: 'Both Trotsky (Kronstadt, collectivization) and Stalin (gulags) lived by the sword and died by the sword.' i.e. they were both assassinated.+ 

It struck me that Israel is actually a slicker version of the Russian revolution from Lenin to Putin: a cosmopolitan ideological state, originally socialistic but quickly devolved into authoritarian capitalism, governed by a European elite as a police state oppressing non-Jews. BUT with a 'heppi end' for the Jews both in Russia and Israel. All but one of the Russian oligarchs are Jewish.

Just stating this truth is heresy. The centrality of the Jewish tribe must be rigorously denied, a feat which we watch as laws are pushed even in the United Nations (and unwritten laws for media stamped in journalists' minds), asserting that any criticism of the Jewish state is racism, despite clear practice that shows Israel is the font of racism. Orwell's 1984 doublethink and newsspeak have a new playing field, where INGSOC (Orwell's Britain) has devolved into the most loyal supporter of the new Oceania (US), and no one notices that the Grand Inquisitor is a Goldstein.

In the days of the British empire, before the state of Israel, it was easier for the goy empire of the day (Britain) to manoeuvre, as the elite Jews at the centre of that conspiracy had to behave. The Shaftsbury/ MacKinder idea of a Jewish colony in the Middle East was there by the mid-19th c, but when it materialized in 1948, it had a new mother country and quickly started to play its own political games. Jews are nobody's puppets. So the US-Israel empire is unwieldy and is wearing thin as Israel celebrates 75 years, its diamond jubilee. And moves to unite Sunni and Shia in a newly invigorated united front against Israel, with the US out of the picture, suggest that all the plandemics and wars might not be enough to put Humpty Dumpty together again.

Illuminati/ Freemason

Myers deals with the origins of today's conspiracy, giving a central role to the Illuminati and Freemasons. I'm not convinced that there is more than an just an element of nostalgia in those who identify with these secretive groups. The Tempest, Midsummer Night's Dream, Winter's Tale are based on Masonic legends. Mozart's Magic Flute has clear Illuminist influence. Goethe was a member of the Illuminati. Myers traces Freemason imagery, poses and beliefs as continuous through the post-enlightenment period. The hand-hiding pose traces back to classical times – Aeschines, founder of a rhetoric school, suggested that speaking with an arm outside one's chiton was bad manners. The pose was used in 18th-century British portraiture as a sign that the sitter was from the upper class.

But there are definitely two versions of today's conspiracy. Myers sees the Illuminati as more globalist (rule by the United Nations, UN Committees and International courts) as opposed to a more hegemonic nationalist rule by the UK/US/Israel. Jews, the most internationalist/ cosmopolitan and yet 'the most nationalist (chauvinist, self-absorbed) of peoples, are riven by the oscillation between Akhenaten's Universal God and Jehovah the Tribal God.'

Elite Jews are behind the conspiracies today, though a small minority of 'good' Jews reject this secular Judaism-Zionism and work with non-Jews to unite as opponents to this corporate globalization, either nice Wellsian or chauvinist. Such as Jeffrey Sachs, who condemns US imperial policy today, having participated in the post-collapse Russian reforms which almost cemented post-Soviet Russia into the US-led conspiracy. Sachs and Putin ended up on much the same page three decades later, both essentially fighting the post-pandemic push by the globalists.

Marx was not a Freemason nor were Lenin, Trotsky, etc. Stalin, Hitler, Franco banned it as do all dictators. The most authoritative text, Manly Hall, Lost Keys of Freemasonry, 1923, is anodyne, admirable, no hint of anything nefarious, just another 'path to enlightenment'. Freemasony operate(d) as a secret society but never very secret (unless outlawed) as it became fashionable in the 18th century. It was openly behind both the American and French revolutions (though not the Russian). Now it is more or less completely open. It has evolved over time as capitalism developed and made use of the Freemasons as a governing force of educated bourgeois.

Freemasonry serves imperialism though it is either unaware of this or accepts imperialism as the way to a universal society, the ancient dream, the Tower of Babel in reverse, as sincere striving rather than hubris. Hall's thought stops with bourgeois society, though he explains the pomp of mystic self-striving which 'true' Masons pursue as part of their 33-level initiation.

Myers chides RFK Jr for not pointing to Masonic handshakes by Fauci and others, but are they just colourful flourishes, hiding the real deep state? Most Masons are just nice science-oriented, educated middle class men and women. Though Freemasonry might have sparked the French revolution, it didn't come to power as a disciplined elite, and it was not a factor in the conspiratorial organization that brought the Bolsheviks to power. Freemasonry did not re-emerge in the former Soviet Union until after the breakup of Soviet dominance in Eastern Europe.

Vladimir Antyufeyev, deputy prime minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic blamed the ongoing conflict on US and European Masons. If in fact all European leaders are Freemasons and the US has Freemasonry built into its revolution, then Antyufeyev is right. Putin also attacked 'Masonic' competitors (at 15 minute spot) and warned that Russia has always 'caught up with them in strategic weapons'.

An appeal online by Andrey Bogdanov, Great Master Of The Grand Lodge Of Russia, addressing the war in Ukraine, suggests the role of Freemasonry is not a serious lethal conspiracy: 'For a real Freemason, no matter how complex the outside world is, a sense of inner harmony, fraternal communication and continuity of the chain of communication of Masonic knowledge are the prevailing aspects of its existence. Everything passes and only brotherhood seems eternal to us.'

New morality: anything goes

It is interesting that both 'Marx and Engels saw the bourgeois family as a farce, oppressing women and predicted communal child-rearing, as did H G Wells. 'Yet all had traditional families. Rousseau, author of Emile, on free childrearing, place all five of his children in an orphanage at birth.' My takeaway: Intellectuals make poor rulers, always theorizing, conflicting and/or totalitarian.

Myers shows how important the Stalin-Trotsky war-within-the-revolution is to understanding our current cultural wars. 'Trotskyists did not learn from the Soviet Union's experience, because they deemed Stalinism a 'betrayal' of True Communism. Instead, they are bringing the Culture War -- begun by Old Bolshevism -- to the West; but, as David Horowitz noted, in the West it is called 'Feminism' rather than 'Marxism'. ... Whereas Hitler's supporters are in jail for Holocaust Denial, and most of Stalin's supporters in the West disappeared after 1991, Trotsky's heirs and supporters are entrenched in Academia, university campuses, Foundations, the Media, the Public Service, and the Judiciary. They have dominated university campuses for decades. They regularly march in city centres—marches organised by Socialist Alliance, Socialist Alternative, or other Trotskyist sects. Green Left Weekly is a mainly Trotskyist newspaper.'

You must read the details yourself. The 'revolution' snuck in the back door.

And now we arrive at the Globalists, the 'collective West' elites, the new Oceania, having rewritten 20th c history as a benevolent empire that crushed fascism and communism (i.e., Stalinism), with no mention of the role of Judaism, though it was behind both, as Svengali for the Nazis and as shapers of communism in the latter.

'The anti-Stalin 'Trotskyoid' Left, which Stalin defeated in Russia, has consolidated in the West and largely overthrown the Christian order via the so-called Culture War,' which is already creating a centre of opposition that brings left and right together. 'Putin, meanwhile, has re-established Christianity in Russia. The new Cold War is between the atheistic, LGBT, 'Trotskyoid', 'Cosmopolitan' West, on the one hand, and a coalition of Christian-socialist Russia and Confucian-Stalinist China on the other.' Which is now attracting the evangelical right in the US, creating fissures in any conspiratorial attempt at a 'Great Reset'.

Where is the East in all this? Myers points out that 'Knowledge and ideas spread both ways across the Silk Road, from around 2000BC. Heraclitus' philosophy is similar to Taoism, and he too took to the hills.' Eastern thinking culminated in Plato. Marx dismissed 'oriental despotism' but Schopenhauer built his philosophy around Buddhism and despised socialist notions of elevating the working class as a historical actor. He quips in The World as Will and Representation that he would prefer to be ruled by a lion than one of his fellow rats. So were the nonentities that followed Stalin rats? They certainly weren't lions. And the workers' state collapsed in an awful hurry, with rats fleeing the sinking ship in droves when the hatch opened.

As for totalitarianism, Plato was the first to promote it, though he insisted his republic would only work for a community of 5,000. We shouldn't blame Plato. 'When Russian emigrants went to Palestine and established the state of Israel there, they brought with them both socialism (the kibbutzes being a benign kind) and the totalitarianism disclosed by Israel Shahak.** Their treatment of the Palestinians and of their neighbours bears comparison with Soviet precedents. As for the 'Open Society', could there be anything more 'Closed' than the Jewish Bible's mindset in its depiction of Goyim/the Nations?'

It is important to have reliable sources when dealing with Jewish issues. This work by Myers and his online library are essential tools to recognize the Jewish origins of today's world.


'There IS a need for Environmental Limits, but the One Worlders are using this as an excuse to push World Government. The Trotskyist / H G Wells version of Communism is alive and well. 'Open-border immigration, casual relationships treated as equivalent to marriage, We did not recognise it as Communist simply because we identified Stalin's modifications as Communism. The Marxist Cultural Revolution, begun in the West in the late 1960s, has taken the West down the path pioneered by the early USSR. ... To treat "relationships" as the equivalent of marriage is, in effect, to abolish marriage.'

'As social breakdown proceeds, desperation will force us back to the essentials of life. We'll be looking for ways to re-establish family ties, and the bonds between men and women.' Myers takes many blinkers off leftists' eyes (including mine). Even John Lennon's Imagine: 'no borders and no religion too.' Many of us were smitten by the promise of 1917, which somehow morphed into a backdoor revolution of sex and drugs.

Myers has his finger in the dyke to stem the flood of book burning and newspeak today: History had already been rewritten, but fragments of the literature of the past survived here and there, imperfectly censored, and so long as one retained one's knowledge of Oldspeak it was possible to read them. ... A great deal of the literature of the past was, indeed, already being transformed. (1984 p. 250) As Myers points out it is the Trotskyoids of today that are the Thought Police for this brainwashing.

Is there any hope for 'a less-severe Managerial State one day, not burdened by this Jewish bitterness or, equally, by a 'white separatist' prejudice'? China's long tradition of state bureaucracy without full-blown slavery suggests itself as a tradition worth building on today, though contemporary China's 996 policy***, and the plight of Tibetans, Uighurs and no doubt others, suggest capitalism erases even the most honoured traditions. Egypt and Babylon were successful state bureaucratic formations which were admired by Herodotus. It's only biblical lore that paints a (self-serving) narrative dissing those civilizations.

Myers' chapter on the covid plandemic documents how the Trotskyists in Australia sided with the conspiracy, denouncing anti-vaxxers as fascists. He could add the remnant of the communist parties too, which have all gone down the trans/gay road and meekly promoted the pro-vax plan. Even Cuba. The future opposition to the Wellsian world government is taking shape now, centred on Russia and China and their growing trade bloc with the third world (85% of the world population).

Wells is still the inspiration behind the one-worlders today, complete with his recommendation of an end to war and instead to deindustrialize in the interests of preserving the planet. 'Wells presents a strong case for World Government, and it is a matter we should be discussing openly and (I believe) agonizing over, because we are in a Catch-22 situation. The threats are real, but the outcome could be Tyranny and the End of Civilization.'

'Was George Orwell wrong when he depicted the coming tyranny as a Leftwing one?' Left and right have lost their meaning. Genuine conservatives and genuine Marxist socialists have much common ground in opposing the liberal, now neoliberal Great Reset behind the plandemic and the cementing of a Wellsian globalism but under US-Israel.



The world had its moment of a global civilization. It started in 1917 and embraced the world by 1945 but collapsed when the US launched the Cold War. It was a proto-socialism, which the 'collective West' tolerated long enough to let the Communists beat Hitler. In the 1930s, it was implanted in the minds of anyone who took the time to consider it. Even the western media seemed to be on board as the fascist rivals prepared to destroy (the idea of) Communism.

Communism was the 19th c answer to industrial society, but Stalin made it a nonstarter for the 'collective West'. Reading all this and the complicity of western media in giving Stalin's regime lots of slack during the 1930s (Ukraine famine, mass arrests, slave labour), I'm reminded of my own 'sov-symp' Soviet sympathies, even today, with all the filth and horror exposed. It was never just a 'managerial' bureaucratic society. It was and will remain a stirring symbol of defiance of capitalism, banker-capitalist control, war as a plaything for weapons producers and cynical imperialist governments.

And it is Stalinism that retains the stamp of authenticity. The 1920s NEP mixed market was only a way station, and Khrushchev's Thaw was really just living off the fruits of Stalinism; but without the ideological backbone, it slowly, then quickly collapsed. That spark/ flame  in history is now the stuff of legend, still inspiring Africa and Asia for help in liberating themselves in the 1960s. When Russia needed them, they held out their hands.

Yes, Cuba and a few others survive, fiercely attacked by imperialism, but none of them would have existed without the Soviet Union, and none have found a magic key to leave its legacy – good and bad -- behind. It still looms as the conscience of the world cosmopolis. It included villains but many more heroes and many happy, if exasperated campers. And inspired the best music of the century (Shostakovich, Prokofiev), the best athletes (hockey, figure skating legends). They proved socialism could work, even under excruciating conditions. Russians are right to mourn its demise. I will die a sovsymp.


*Unattributed quotes are from Myers' book. Attributed quotes are all from Myers' research and are taken from his book. For more information contact Peter at For those interested in a hard copy, contact Myers at his website.

+An unpublished autopsy report revealed stomach hemorrhaging, a sign of rat poison. Also The Death of Stalin: a Coup d'Etat (Myers, 2002/ 2018).  

My take on Stalin's demise: it was Beria. And the others ganged up and used him as a fall guy, conveniently dead. Interesting, Beria was the smart KGB humanist who died leaving the muddlers. Fast forward to Andropov the smart KGB humanist who died leaving the muddlers. The ghost of Beria. but Beria was a pervert and the perfect fall guy. 

**The Israeli Professor and dissident Israel Shahak repeatedly says in Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years (1994) that
Judaism has a totalitarian streak (on pp. 10, 15, 16, 18, 19, 102, and 103).

***Workweek 9am to 9pm 6 days.

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