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Middle East

Presstiv interview: Libya's sorry fate

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i'm on at 1:45

Palestinian President Abbas: Trump’s ‘conspiracy deal won’t pass’

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Presstv interview: Kim reminds Trump WWII not over

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Timeline 2010-2019: Middle East

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Note: Links are to my articles for Al-Ahram Weekly in Cairo, Presstv and other sites

My Timeline 2000-2010: Middle East here

2010 *Hamas, elected the governing authority of the Gaza Strip in 2007, remains in power, the Palestinian Authority refusing to hold (and lose) elections. Gaza now an open-air prison, cut off with only Israel allowing legal contact with the outside world. Gazans produce arms from smuggled supplies and build homemade rockets.

*BDS campaign targeting Israel picks up steam as Israel panics, raiding and seizing six ships of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in international waters in the Mediterranean Sea, killing 9 Turkish activists. Turkey breaks relations with Israel.

*A malicious computer worm, courtesy of US-Israel, damages Iran's nuclear program.


Truth Jihad interview: Repercussions of Soleimani assassination

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