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Europe, Canada and US,

Timeline 2010-2019: United States&Canada, Latin America, Europe, Africa&Asia

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Note: Links are to my articles for Al-Ahram Weekly in Cairo, Presstv, DissidentVoice and other sites

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Timeline 2010-2019: United States&Canada

2010 *Republicans retake House of Representatives as Democrats lose 63 seats.

*US starts to bomb Yemen.

*Deepwater Horizon oil rig in Gulf of Mexico explodes, spilling millions of gallons of oil into sea. Worst oil spill in American history.

*US Representative Gabrielle Giffords severely wounded in assassination attempt when gunman went on shooting spree, killing federal judge John Roll and five others. Over the decade, mass shooting attempts became an almost weekly event. The group Everytown for Gun Safety identified 110 mass shootings, defined as shootings in which at least four people were murdered with a firearm, between 2009 and 2014.

2011 *Osama bin Laden killed in Abbottabad, Pakistan by US Navy SEALs, his body supposedly dumped at sea.


Tehran slams Canada for ‘unlawful’ sale of Iran properties

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Trump, Russiagate and the deep state

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I have avoided getting caught up in what can only be described as the insanity gripping the US media and political elite since even before Trump's astounding victory in 2016 -- the claim that poor, weak Russia somehow orchestrated the defeat of Hillary Clinton and the election of the clownish, loose cannon Donald Trump. 'Ridiculous,' I laughed. As the drumbeat continued into the fourth year, out of curiosity, I decided I should have a look.

The biggest noise was the indictment of a Russophobe anti-Trumper (Trump "a soulless ginger orangutan") whistleblower Reality Winner, in 2018, whose claim of Trump-Russia conspiracy was bogus but who was imprisoned for her 'courageous' blowhardiness anyway. (US justice is as weird as American names like 'Reality Winner'. She exposed … nothing, and was sentenced to five years and three months in prison as part of that marvel of US ‘justice’ a plea bargain.)

I watched a video interviewing black activist Andrew (unintelligible) on MSNBC in April 2019, with the accompanying article, "Russian documents reveal desire to sow racial discord — and violence — in the U.S.", about a Facebook troll who supposedly originated in the now legendary Internet Research Agency, "the St. Petersburg-based troll farm that played a key role in the 2016 Russian meddling campaign."

Naughty, naughty.


Elections Canada 2019: Justin’s battered beanstalk

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We left off our saga of Justin and the Beanstalk with the young wunderkind's triumph over the giant ogre (Prime Minister Harper), as he swept away the broken democratic shards littering his kingdom in the sky, to the cries of joy from the Canadian peasants. Justin began energetically fulfilling at least some of his many promises. He rejoined the Paris Agreement on Climate. Scientists breathed a sigh of relief as their withered vines received nourishment after 10 years of drought, and the muzzle on their right to speak about the perils of global warming was removed.

Justin's first budget had goodies for just about everyone, including a (small) increase on taxes on the rich. His finance minister Morneau proposed a $2-billion Low Carbon Economy Fund to help the provinces meet Canada’s climate change targets to reduce the heat-trapping greenhouse gases so beloved by the ogre’s friends in Alberta, with plans for a carbon tax to allow 'green growth' (surely an oxymoron, but at least green is no longer a bad word).

Presstv interview: Trump the baby snatcher

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Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei slammed the Trump administration on Wednesday over the U.S.'s policy of separating migrant families who cross the border illegally for prosecution and detainment. I add my two cents.

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